How You Use Your Firearm Says A Lot About You

ZEV Helps You Truly Personalize The Experience

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Elite, reliable, unique, customizable – ZEV firearms and aftermarket parts offer a personalized experience that reflects you and your needs. Designed for those who appreciate attention to detail, ZEV products deliver premium performance, aesthetics and feel.

Who Are You?

Depending on who you are, your firearm is a necessity, a difference-maker or a prized possession. So who are you? Click the profile that best reflects you and get a free grip, set of sights, trigger bar, spring kit or SKB case with an eligible ZEV purchase.

The Competitive Shooter

In competition, accuracy is rivaled only by consistency. I value a firearm that delivers elite performance and provides advantages in fit, form and function.

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The Fine Gun Collector

My collection consists of cool and enviable showpieces. I want firearms that bring unique character and a wow factor.

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The Professional

Whether I am serving at home or abroad, my sidearm is an extension of me. I need a reliable, high-performance firearm that I can trust with my life.

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The Recreational Shooter

I am always on the lookout for the newest technology in the firearms industry that can make my days at the range more enjoyable. I want a firearm that I can both show off and enjoy.

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The Hunter

I thrive on the challenges of the wild. I plan every detail to make sure I am prepared when I hunt. I need a product that will not fail when opportunity strikes.

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The Defense-Minded Citizen

Protecting my family and myself is my priority. I need a high-quality firearm that I can comfortably and confidently handle.

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